How to use Myntra Super Coins

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Use Flipkart Supercoins in Myntra

For every shopping on Myntra, you may earn Myntra super coins and may access it variety of benefits. And using it can enhance your shopping experience. These super coins can be used on both platforms even on myntra and Flipkart as well. But these are also of no use; if you don't know how to use these Myntra super coins. Don't worry; you are not alone here, as it is a common concern. So keep reading to learn more.

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What is Myntra Insider?

‘Myntra Insider’ is a customer loyalty program by Myntra that offers a range of tiered benefits and privileges for its customers. The main benefits of the 'Myntra Insider' program are you get extra savings through vouchers, coupons and a lots of partner offers, VIP access to mega sale events, and much more. What is unique about this program is that you will also get fashion advice from leading celebrity stylists.

How to use Super Coins in Myntra?

As mentioned above, after the collaboration between Flipkart and Myntra, instead of Myntra Insider points, the e-commerce site, Myntra provides Super Coins that were already used by Flipkart as reward points. These Super Coins can be used on both Myntra and Flipkart.

Using Super Coins in Myntra is simple, but if you are new to this reward system, these steps will help you use Super Coins in Myntra-

  1. Open the Myntra application or website,
  2. Click on the profile in the left corner,
  3. When the new page opens, scroll down to the Myntra Insider option,
  4. Once the Myntra Insider page opens, scroll down to see all the rewards,
  5. Now, select the reward you want to exchange your Super Coins for,
  6. Read the conditions required to redeem it,
  7. Scroll down and click to 'Redeem'.

That is how you can redeem or use your Myntra super coins to avail amazing shopping benefits save extra on total purchase.


This article will help you understand what the 'Myntra Insider program is and How to use Myntra Super Coins. This e-commerce site provides you with tons of offers and discounts on desired products and partnered brands. In the Myntra Insider section, you can choose different options to exchange your accumulated Super Coins for. It covers almost all top brands and famous OTT platforms as well. You can choose from different vouchers, OTT subscriptions, in-app perks, and many more.