How to convert Flipkart Super Coins to cash

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How to convert Flipkart Super Coins into Cash

If you are looking for the answer to how to convert Flipkart Super Coins to cash? Well, then this article is your ultimate guide! Read the complete article to know all about how to convert or use your Flipkart Super Coins as cash!

The expiration of Flipkart Super Coins is a major problem faced by Flipkart customers. If you are also someone who doesn't know how to use Flipkart Super Coin! Well, stop waiting for antopportunity to use your collected coins, we have brought the top 7 ways you can make use of these Super Coins as cash.

Note that there is no direct way to convert your Super Coins to cash, but you can still use them to purchase various services. The only condition is that the brand should be affiliated with Flipkart.

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1. Flipkart website and mobile app:

With Flipkart Super Coins, you can pay for the entire amount or a part of it with the coins while purchasing a product on the Flipkart app or website. For example, if you are buying a product for Rs. 1000, you can pay the entire amount or a part of it (say Rs. 250), depending on the number of coins you have.

2. Flipkart travel bookings:

Want to travel hassle-free without spending so much don't worry Flipkart super coins are here for your rescue.  Make Flipkart your travel partner and book flights, hotels, and other travel services with super coins on Flipkart's travel platforms like Make my trip and Clear trip.

3. Offers on Food:

Do you feel hungry and want to eat something delicious to satisfy your hunger but don't want to spend a lot? Well, Flipkart super coins are the solution for all you need. Flipkart is associated with popular food delivery applications like Zomato, Swiggy, and more. This means you can use Super Coins to get a good discount on your desired food.

4. Flipkart Gift Cards:

Are you a fan of brands like Puma and more? Well then, here is a piece of good news for you! Now, you can easily use Flipkart Super Coins to purchase gift cards for your favourite brands. With 500 Super coins, you can purchase a gift card worth Rs. 250.

5. Flipkart Supermart:

Not just travel, food, and gift cards, but Flipkart also covers regular-use items like groceries and household essentials! You can use your collected Super Coins to buy daily-use items on Flipkart's online grocery store.

6. Flipkart Plus:

Supercoins can also be used to pay for the Flipkart Plus subscription. This would provide benefits such as free delivery, early access to sales, extra discounts, and more. A Flipkart Plus subscription can be very beneficial if you shop often.

7. Flipkart Video:

Love movies and web series? If yes, you'll be happy to know that Flipkart also offers subscriptions for Flipkart videos and other affiliated OTT platforms. With Flipkart Super Coins, you can easily buy subscriptions to your favorite OTT platform and enjoy various movies and series.


After reading the above article, you can conclude that there is no direct way to convert Flipkart Super Coins to cash, but you can still use Super Coins in Flipkart or as a mode of payment for different partnered brands. The e-commerce website has partnered with over 1000 top brands and allows you to pay with Super Coins on most of them.

Starting from traveling and hotel bookings to buying daily essentials, Flipkart Super Coins can work for all. In this article, you learned 7 ways, how to use Flipkart Super Coins as cash.