How to Enter Referral Code in Gpay and Earn Money

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How to Enter Referral Code in Gpay

Google Pay has become omnipresent when it comes to digital payments, offering you a convenient and secure way to manage your finances.

GPay is determined to ensure that customers are benefitting from the app and continually introduces innovative features for this reason. One such feature lets you enter referral code GPay and claim discounts and benefits.

To learn how to redeem referral code GPay, you need to first understand how to enter referral code in Google Pay. By participating in the GPay Refer and Earn entry program, you, along with the person you refer, get exciting discounts and benefits. Learn how to apply referral code in GPay.

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What is Referral Code in GPay?

Google has come up with a secure and smooth way for users to manage their finances. Another feature that adds benefit to the experience of every user is the referral code. Using these codes, you can claim referral rewards GPay for not only yourself but also your family and friends.

The referral code is a unique alphanumeric sequence that lets you unlock a range of benefits within the Gpay app. It is simply a special code that allows users to refer friends and family and invite them to join the Google Pay app.

How to Get Rewards by Using a Code in Google Pay on Android?

Once you learn how to apply a referral code in GPay, getting rewards using your Android will not be difficult.

The platform does more than simplify your payments; it comes up with new features to ensure customer satisfaction.

One such feature is the GPay Refer and Earn entry program, which lets you and the referee earn valuable rewards just for using the app. Whether you are new to Google Pay or new to Android, following the simple steps mentioned below will help you get your rewards.  

How to Get GPay Referral Incentives:

  • Open the GPay app
  • Click on ‘Referral Code’
  • Type in the code you have received.
  • The screen will show success if the code you entered is valid.
  • You will receive your rewards after you make your first payment.
  • You can check the rewards in the ’Promotions’ section.

    Once you have the Google Pay referral code entered, the door to a variety of benefits is opened.

    Follow through the user-friendly steps of how to enter a referral code in Google Pay and make the most of the platform.

    You can earn valuable rewards effortlessly by learning how to redeem referral code Google Pay. You can rest assured knowing that the process of getting rewards using the referral code in iOS is effortless.

How to get GPay Referral Incentives on iOS:

  • Open the GPay app.
  • On the top right corner, click on ‘Referral Code.’
  • You can start the referral code input GPay.
  • You will be able to see a success screen if the code is valid.
  • Make your first payment.
  • You and the referee will receive the rewards after you have made the first payment using GPay.
  • You can view your rewards under ‘Promotions.’

How to Refer Someone on Google Pay?

Introducing your friends and family to Google Pay not only expands digital payment but also brings about a range of rewards.

Referring to someone on GPay is a simple process that benefits both of you and enhances the overall Google Pay experience.

You must be aware of some things before you apply for the GPay Refer and Earn entry. After you have learned how to apply referral code in GPay, learning how to refer someone else will offer a win-win situation for both and help you make the most of the user-friendly platform.

To Refer Someone to Google Pay:

  • Open the GPay app and log into your account.
  • Click on ‘New’ under ‘Payments’
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on ‘Invite a friend to Google Pay’
  • Select the method of invitation you prefer.
  • Click on ‘Send’


Learning how to enter a referral code in Google Pay not only makes your digital payments easier but also offers you multiple rewards.

Google Pay is dedicated to providing the best to its users and has introduced the GPay Refer and Earn entry feature for the same reason.

This feature lets you and your friends and family enjoy valuable incentives for using the app; whether you use Android or iOS, the process of entering a referral code is simple and does not require much to claim referral rewards in GPay.

You can also learn how to refer someone else on GPay, which becomes a mutually beneficial experience.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Where to write Referral Code in Google Pay?

Ans. You can write the referral code sent to you on the box that appears after you click ‘Referral Code’ in the menu.

Q2. How do I enter a Referral Code in Google Pay?

Ans. To enter referral code GPay:

  • Open the GPay app and click on your profile.
  • Tap the 3 dots and select ‘Referral Code.’
  • You can now proceed with referral code input GPay.

Q3. What Rewards can I Earn by Using a Referral Code in Google Pay?

Ans. With the GPay Refer and Earn entry program, you are eligible to earn cashback or scratch cards.

Q4. How do I Share my Referral Code with others?

Ans.  To share your referral code:

  • Tap on ‘New’ under ‘Payments on the GPay app.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Invite friends to Google Pay’
  • Select the method of invitation and click ‘Send.’