How To Get Zomato Pro Plus Membership

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How To Get Zomato Pro Plus Membership

Zomato’s loyalty programs, Zomato Pro and Pro Plus, are companions for everyone who wants a hassle-free food delivery and dining experience. The Zomato Pro Plus memberships are key if you order online for the majority of your time. These memberships have let users experience the best method of food delivery there is. Pro Plus takes it a step further than Pro, enhancing your experience with additional perks such as faster delivery and priority access. Learn how to get Zomato Pro Plus membership and get the best deals available. The platform is committed to maximizing your savings.

What is Zomato Pro Plus Membership?

Zomato Pro Plus membership is an upgraded tier offered by Zomato, one of the leading food delivery platforms. Meant to go beyond the perks of the Pro, Zomato Pro Plus membership brings additional advantages and exclusive features for the users. The added benefits include free delivery, Zero distance fees, no surge fees, and so much more. The Zomato Pro Plus price is extremely affordable for the features it provides. You can get all these benefits and more by learning how to get Zomato Pro Plus. You can sign up for Zomato Pro to get some of these benefits.

How to Get Zomato Pro Plus Membership?

Initially, the membership was very exclusive and had limited spots, so, Zomato invited the selected few to join it. However, you must be wondering how to get Zomato Pro Plus without an invite. If you have a ‘Zomato Edition Black Credit Card’, you are eligible for the Zomato Pro Plus membership for free.

More about the Zomato Edition Black Credit Card:

  • Exclusive discounts and cashback on all your orders.
  • To get a Zomato Pro Plus membership, you must be a Zomato Pro Member.
  • This card makes it easier since every cardholder also has a Pro Membership.

Other ways to get Zomato Pro Plus membership:

Despite the membership being available on an invite-only basis, some customers can take a peek into the world of exclusive benefits. Know more about how to get Zomato Pro Plus benefits through the various other apps you use:

  • By using the Zomato Pro Plus coupon from some of your favourite websites.
  • Apps like Paytm also provide Zomato Pro Plus code that you can use.
  • Multiple websites known for giving out discount codes also give out Zomato Pro Plus activation codes.

How to Get Zomato Pro Plus Membership by Invite?

You can maximise the chances of being invited by simply becoming a Zomato Pro member. Zomato Pro Plus invite is generally given to those who use the app more often, this is because of the uncountable offers you can avail. You might wake up one day to the app simply offering you an upgrade from Zomato Pro for a small fee. For the selected few who have the privilege of being eligible enough to be invited, follow the steps below to join Zomato Pro Plus:

  • Open the Zomato app.
  • If you are invited, you will be able to see the banner that reads ‘Upgrade to Zomato Pro Plus.’
  • Click on the banner and pay the fees for the subscription you want.

Zomato Pro Plus Membership Benefits

From complimentary delights and expedited deliveries to priority customer support, the advantages that accompany Zomato Pro Plus membership are what make the experience luxurious. Zomato Pro Plus invites confirm that you get to experience the best of all worlds with benefits, including the ones from Zomato Pro. Before you wonder about the Zomato Pro Plus price, know more about what you get for the amount you pay. Zomato Pro Plus benefits go beyond the ordinary, providing you with a blend of savings and convenience.

Zomato Pro Plus Membership Benefits:

  • No surge fee at any given time, be it a rush hour or rain
  • Unlimited free deliveries
  • Zero distance fee
  • Exclusive discounts for dining and delivery all over the country
  • Additional discounts on an already discounted cart
  • Priority delivery
  • Up to 40% off total bill
  • No cap on discount
  • No limits for usage
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Zomato Pro Vs Pro Plus Membership

Gain insight into the differences between the two options, Zomato Pro vs Pro Plus. This will make it easier for you to decide which works best for you. Whether you are a regular user or are trying the membership for the first time, this analysis helps you make an informed decision. Explore the factors that differentiate Zomato Pro and Zomato Pro Plus to know more.


Zomato Pro:

Zomato Pro Plus:


Zomato Pro price for 3 months: Rs. 200

Zomato Pro Plus price for 3 months: Rs. 300


Up to 30% off delivery.

Unlimited free deliveries along with no distance fee. 

Surge fees

Surge fees are applicable.

No surge fees on orders. 


Exclusive deals on 20K+ restaurants across the country.

Exclusive deals on 25K+ restaurants across the country.

Zomato Pro Plus Validity

Understanding Zomato Pro Plus Membership validity is essential for subscribers to maximise their culinary experiences and make the most of the offerings that Zomato brings to the table. Whether you want a short-term burst of exclusivity or an extended gourmet journey, knowing the validity of your Zomato Pro Plus membership ensures that you can savour every moment.


Plan validity available

Zomato Pro

3-month subscription: Rs. 200

12-month subscription: Rs. 750

Zomato Pro Plus 

3-month subscription: Rs. 300

12-month subscription: Rs. 900


In a world where taste is the most important, the Zomato Pro Plus membership emerges as the ultimate companion. With the Zomato Pro Plus invite, you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as free deliveries and no surge charge. You can compare the benefits through the Zomato Pro vs Pro Plus section to decide which works best as per your needs. Whether you are looking to try out the services offered by Zomato or wish to enjoy the benefits for a long time, the validity mentioned above will help you decide. Use this article as a guide on how to get Zomato Pro Plus membership. Using the Zomato Pro Plus coupon, get an additional discount for the most luxurious experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I share my Zomato Pro Plus membership with others?

Unfortunately, you cannot share your membership with others. The benefits are exclusive to individual members.

Q2. Are the benefits of Zomato Pro Plus applicable to all restaurants?

The benefits of Zomato Pro Plus are applicable at selected restaurants. To find out whether the restaurant is Pro Plus, look for its symbol next to the restaurant name.

Q3. Which is better: Zomato Pro or Zomato Pro Plus?

You can check the Zomato Pro vs Pro Plus section for more information on which suits you better. Both memberships have significant features that make online food deliveries and restaurant discovery easier.

Q4. Why Zomato Discontinued Zomato Pro Plus?

Zomato is focusing on bringing newer and more beneficial loyalty programs for its users and has discontinued any new sign-ups or renewals for its Pro and Plus members.

Q5. Is Zomato Pro Plus available for everyone?

Zomato Pro Plus is available mostly only to those who have a Zomato Pro membership.

Q6. How do I subscribe to Zomato Pro Plus?

Zomato is currently not accepting any new members or renewing any old memberships since it is planning on launching a new loyalty program.