How To Get Zomato Gold Membership

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How to get zomato gold membership

Zomato in 2008 started its journey as a restaurant listing and recommendation portal and has evolved into one of the most popular food delivery apps over time. The platform announced Zomato Gold, offering its most loyal customers a program for all their in-restaurant adventures at a fraction of the price. With online food deliveries getting popular, Gold membership becomes essential to have better services. You can get more information about how to buy Zomato Gold through this article. Zomato’s commitment to customer satisfaction has transformed it into a restaurant companion.

What is Zomato Gold Membership

Zomato Gold is an invite-only loyalty program launched by Zomato for its most frequent users. Designed for the avid foodie, it transforms the ordinary by offering various benefits that ensure hundreds of savings. Along with the benefit of discounts, you also get access to members-only events at luxurious restaurants. Additionally, as a member, you are able to unlock Zomato Legends, a service that allows you to have any iconic food from anywhere across India delivered to your doorstep. You can get Zomato Gold membership free of cost only if you follow some simple rules, mentioned later in this guide for how to buy Zomato Gold.

How to get Zomato Gold Membership

This Gold membership is a game-changer for food enthusiasts, offering a huge variety of exclusive benefits and redefining your dining experience. The Zomato Gold Membership is invite-only. However, the platform is working on making it accessible for everyone. The Zomato Gold membership price is now updated from Rs. 999 for 3 months to a much more affordable price. With its commitment to the best customer service, the Zomato Gold membership promises to make every dining experience memorable and cost-effective. By learning how to get Zomato Gold membership, you have the opportunity to go on more foodie adventures, discover hidden gems, and bask in the glow of the benefits provided.

Learn how to get Zomato Gold:

One way to know if you have been invited is by exploring the app and checking for any notifications. You can follow these steps to check if you have been invited:

  • Download the latest version of Zomato
  • Sign in using the registered mobile number or email.
  • If you are invited, you will be able to see a banner on the homepage that says ‘GOLD prices have crashed for you!  Rs. 49 for 3 months
  • Click on ‘Join Gold’
Join Zomato Gold Membership
  • Scroll down and enter a coupon code if you have it.
  • Click on ‘Join Gold’ and pay.
  • The Zomato Gold membership will be activated once you have completed the payment.

Benefits of Zomato Gold Membership

As a Zomato Gold Member, you gain access to a variety of benefits that elevate your dining experiences. From complimentary dishes and drinks to irresistible discounts, Zomato Gold is a gateway to a luxury experience. Knowing how to get Zomato Gold presents an opportunity to explore diverse cuisines at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are a foodie or just someone who appreciates a good deal, Zomato Gold membership combines the benefits of both.

  • Free delivery on orders from restaurants under 10 km and order value Rs.199+
  • Up to 30% off over all other offers on 20k+ restaurants
  • VIP access during rush hour, more restaurants available for you.
  • Up to 40% off on dine-in over other discounts on 10k+ restaurants
  • Access to Zomato Legends, India’s most iconic dishes flown to you.
  • Gold savings promise states that if you do not save more than what you paid for gold, you get 1 month free.
  • 1 + 1 dishes and 2 + 2 drinks.
  • Invitations to exclusive events such as wine tastings, new restaurant launches, menu tastings, and much more.

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Validity of Zomato Gold Membership

It is only fair that you know the validity of your Zomato Gold membership to ensure that you keep receiving the perks for the long term. Also, a defined timeframe of spectacular benefits and privileges allows you to savour the time you have. From the moment of payment until the clock strikes midnight at the end of your subscription, you can rest assured that the perks with your name on them are not going anywhere. Initially, Zomato Gold membership price was set at Rs. 999 for 3 months. However, after a little research, Zomato has a much improved time period with a value for money.



3 months 

Rs. 149

12 months

Rs. 999

Zomato Gold Offers

The enormous collection of offers and benefits will make all your Gold savings dreams come true. You will be able to see a world full of offers from time to time, and it is your responsibility to grab them when you can. Some offers even let you get Zomato Gold membership free of cost. You are free to avail yourself of any offers that provide a huge slash of the Zomato Gold membership price. Now that you know how to get the membership, learn how to get Zomato Gold for free or at a fraction of the original price.

  • 40% off on Dining at Zomato’s partner restaurants.
  • The referral code offer allows you to get a 3-month Zomato Gold membership for free. Anyone with Zomato Pro can gift a 3-month membership to you.
  • Zomato Gold membership for free can also be availed when you sign up for cards from IndusInd, Axis, ICICI, American Express, and HDFC banks.
  • Paytm also has offers that provide Zomato Gold membership for free.


The Zomato Gold membership stands as an invite-only pass made to unlock a world of enticing discounts, exclusive benefits, and other additional perks that redefine dining. Using this article as a guide on how to get Zomato Gold, you can also learn how to get it for free. Getting Zomato Gold is a very straightforward process but it also shows the commitment Zomato has made to making these privileges accessible to more people. From complimentary dishes to VIP access during rush hours, the food delivery platform has outdone itself. You also get the chance to enjoy these benefits free of cost with uncountable offers.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is Zomato Gold worth it?

Zomato Gold has proved to be a value-for-money service. It highly depends on your usage and preferences to decide if it is worth it.

Q2. Can I use Zomato Gold twice in a day?

No, Zomato Gold membership holders can only use it once a day at any of the partnered restaurants.

Q3. How To get Zomato Gold for free?

There are multiple offers that give you the membership for free or at a nominal fee. You can refer to this article to learn more about how to get Zomato Gold membership for free.

Q4. What does Zomato Gold include?

Benefits of Zomato Gold membership are:

  • Free delivery
  • Up to 40% off on dine-in and 30% off on delivery.
  • VIP access during rush hour.
  • Access to Zomato Legends.
  • Gold Savings Promise