Flipkart Plus Premium: Latest Update, Benefits, Launch Date

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Unlocking the potential of Flipkart with Flipkart Plus Premium!

In the ever-changing world of e-commerce, customer loyalty programs become an integral part of attracting and retaining customers. Flipkart is one of India's largest online shopping platforms, and it has come up with a unique 2-tier membership program for its customers. The programs are divided into two, with Flipkart Plus being the entry tier and Flipkart Plus Premium being the premium tier. These programs make online shopping an even more pleasant experience. This article explains everything you need to know in order to benefit from these membership programs.

What is Flipkart Plus Premium

Flipkart Plus Premium is the premium tier of the Flipkart loyalty program, an earned membership program curated to satisfy a wide range of Flipkart customers. The entry tier is called Flipkart Plus. You first become a Flipkart Plus member and then move on to the Flipkart Plus Premium. With Flipkart Plus Premium, members will be able to access sale events such as Big Billion Days, Big Shopping Days, etc., a few hours prior to the sale.

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When did Flipkart Plus Premium launch

The Flipkart Plus Premium membership launched on the 29th of July, 2023. Flipkart came up with its Premium program as an extension of the Flipkart Plus membership, a two-tier program with the first tier being the Flipkart Plus Program.

Flipkart Vs. Flipkart Plus Premium

Flipkart Plus vs Flipkart Plus Premium difference
Flipkart Plus Flipkart Plus Premium
You become a member if you shop 4 times a year. You become a member if you shop 8 times a year.
Up to 5% exclusive discounts on products using SuperCoins Up to 5% exclusive discounts on products using SuperCoins
Receive 2% SuperCoins back  (up to 50 per order) Receive 4% SuperCoins back  (up to 300 on every order)
Early access to sales  Early access to sales
Daily and hourly offers
Plus Hours (up to 20% off from 6-10 pm) 

What are the advantages of Flipkart Plus Premium?

Flipkart Plus Premium Benefits

With the Flipkart Plus program being successful for over 4 years, Flipkart decided to shift to an upgraded version of the program with newer benefits for both Flipkart Plus and Flipkart Plus Premium. The benefits of Flipkart Plus Premium are perfectly in sync with Flipkart's customer-first premise.

User Experience:

It is a hassle-free transition from Flipkart Plus to Flipkart Premium, where you are automatically given a membership to Flipkart Plus  Premium once you complete 8 transactions with Flipkart.


With Flipkart Plus Premium, you get 4% of SuperCoins back up to 300 SuperCoins on each order. Earning these SuperCoins can help you save significantly on your orders.

Early access to sale:

Flipkart Plus Premium gives you early access to some of the most popular sales, like The Big Billion Days Sale, Flipkart Big Diwali Sale, etc. You get access to upcoming offers a day before they are released to everyone else so that you can grab your favorites as soon as possible without much hassle.

Daily and hourly offers :

Flipkart comes up with daily and hourly offers for its Flipkart Plus Premium members. Plus Hours are a time between 6 and 10 p.m. when you can get an extra 20% off on your purchases. This benefit makes every day feel like a sale with maximum savings.

What are the advantages of Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart prioritizes delivering value to its customers. This loyalty program is built on deep customer insights and enables seamless access to a long list of benefits and deals for customers who actively engage with Flipkart.

User experience :

Once you have made 4 transactions to Flipkart you will receive an email as confirmation. You can then click on the ‘Join Now’ button on the Flipkart Plus membership page.

SuperCoins :

With Flipkart Plus, you get 2% of SuperCoins back, up to 50 SuperCoins on each order. You also receive up to 5% off on exclusive products using your SuperCoins.

Early Access :

With the Flipkart Plus membership, you can get early access to flagship sales such as The Big Billion Days Sale, Flipkart Diwali Sale, etc. You will be able to gain early access to upcoming sales and get your favorites at unbeatable prices.

How to get Flipkart Plus Premium membership

How to get Flipkart Plus Premium Membership

Flipkart Plus Premium membership comes with a wide array of perks and offers that can only be available once you cross the entry tier, which is Flipkart Plus. To be considered a Flipkart Plus member, you must have completed at least 4 transactions with Flipkart in the last 12 months.

Flipkart Plus Premium is being made available in phases, so you will just have to be a little patient to receive your membership. Not all Plus members will be immediately converted to the Flipkart Plus Premium Program despite making 8 or more transactions in the last 365 days. This is only because of the phased rollout, and you need not worry.

Follow these steps to become a Flipkart Plus Premium member:

  • All you need to do is complete 8 transactions on Flipkart to be eligible for the Flipkart Plus Premium membership.
  • Once your transactions are complete, Flipkart will notify you about your eligibility through an email.
  • You must follow the instructions in that email to activate your Flipkart Plus Premium membership.
  • In the case of Flipkart Plus membership, all you have to do is click on “Join Now” on the Flipkart Plus membership page.

Validity of Flipkart Plus Premium membership

The Flipkart Plus Premium membership is viable for one year from the date of its activation. This gives you plenty of time to reap the benefits of this membership while also becoming eligible for another year, provided you shop till you drop using all the perks given to you.


If you are an existing Flipkart Plus member, upgrade your membership now to get to a new level of savings and convenience. The Flipkart Plus Premium offers exclusive discounts, SuperCoin Rewards, Up to 5% off using SuperCoins and a lot more.  With the launch of Flipkart Plus Premium, Flipkart has shown its commitment to customer satisfaction is no joke.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do I earn Flipkart SuperCoins?

A Flipkart Plus customer earns 2 SuperCoins on every Rs. 100 spent, (50 SuperCoins per order). A Flipkart Plus Premium customer earns 4 SuperCoins on every Rs. 100 spent (max. 300 SuperCoins per order.)

Q2. What are the benefits I will be eligible for with Flipkart Plus memberships?

You will be able to avail yourself of benefits such as Early access to the platform's biggest sales, 2X SuperCoins on every purchase, Plus Hours Offers happening daily, a Welcome benefit of 300 SuperCoins, and many more.

Q3. Where can I check the details of the SuperCoins earned on Flipkart?

You can see the details of the SuperCoins you earned on the Flipkart app or  website as shown:

For App

  • Log in to your Flipkart account.
  • You can review your SuperCoins by simply clicking the ‘SuperCoins’ icon at the bottom of your screen.

For Website

  • Log in to your Flipkart account.
  • Under the “My Account” section, click on the ‘SuperCoin Zone’.

Q4. What is meant by Flipkart Plus Zone?

Plus Zone is a section where Flipkart Plus members can view information such as:

  • Membership details
  • SuperCoins earned
  • Plus benefits

Q5. How can I renew my Flipkart Plus Premium membership?

To stay a member of the Flipkart Plus Premium Program, you must ensure a total of 8 transactions in the last 12 months and Flipkart will automatically renew it for you.