What is Flipkart Assured | How to get F Assured in Flipkart

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What is Flipkart Assured

With time, Flipkart is becoming prone to non-genuine products. To maintain the trust of its users and stop customer fraud, the company has come up with Flipkart Assured program. In this article, we will discuss what is Flipkart Assured, what is F assured in Flipkart, how to get F Assured in Flipkart, and many more.

What is Flipkart Assured

Flipkart Assured is a badge of quality assurance for product listed on Flipkart. It is like a badge of assurance given to some listed products on the platform. This badge ensures the high quality and fast delivery of the product. Assured products are packed after going through strict quality checks and come with a 14-day return policy.

Flipkart launched the Flipkart Assured program to make sure customer gets a satisfactory shopping experience. This means that under this program, the available products would be trustworthy and reliable. It also helps the company to put strict scanners over fake items.

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What is F Assured in Flipkart?

Now the question arises of what F Assured means in Flipkart. Unlike Flipkart Assured, F Assured is a program that pays attention to the fast delivery of the product. Launched by the e-commerce company, F Assured is a logistic and fulfillment-related program under which the products are shipped from Flipkart's warehouse. The items in this program are packed safely and are eligible for free delivery and a 14-day return policy.

Note that there is no written policy for free delivery, so there might be products that come with delivery charges.

How to get F Assured badge?

f assured badge
f assured badge

Now the question arises, how to get F Assured in Flipkart? All you need to do is to follow these steps:

Step 1: Fulfill all the eligibility criteria for the product to get the F Assured badge. It includes-

  • The product should have a rating between 3-5 stars.
  • It should be new or unused.
  • The packaging of the product should be original.

Step 2: Once the product is ready, ship it to the Flipkart warehouse.

Step 3: In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria, try maintaining a good seller rating, as well. This includes:

  • Providing excellent customer service,
  • Timely delivery,
  • And resolving any customer queries or complaints properly.

Step 4: Now,  you will need to wait for the approval of your product for the Flipkart Assured program. Flipkart will review your product and notify you of its status.

Step 5: If your product is approved for the Flipkart Assured program, you will get F Assured badge on your product. This would gradually lead to an increase in sales.

Flipkart assured badge can be given to any product which meets standards such as high quality, 2-4 day delivery, least return rate and smooth order processing.

The benefits of Flipkart assured badge

Flipkart Assured Product

Apart from knowing what is Flipkart Assured you should know that it provides lots of benefits to both the company and its customers. Here are all the benefits that come with a Flipkart Assured badge: -

For Customers:

Quality products from trusted sellers

Flipkart Assured ensures that the buyers get a good quality product from trusted sellers. So, you don't have to worry about getting a fake or non-genuine product.

Free shipping

You can easily get free shipping on Flipkart Assured products. If you shop over Rs. 500, there are no shipping charges applicable for products with a Flipkart Assured badge.

Fast delivery

Flipkart makes sure that the product is delivered within the pre-set time frame, and if the product is marked as Flipkart Assured, it is prioritized for faster delivery than a usual product.

Better shopping experience

Flipkart Assured was created to enhance the overall shopping experience of customers. From purchasing a trusted product to easy return, Flipkart ensures a hassle-free process.

For Sellers:

Product visibility

Flipkart Assured products are ranked higher in the search rankings on Flipkart. Due to this, product visibility increases; thus, increasing the chances of products being viewed and purchased.

Increase in sales

Due to the increase in visibility and assured badge, the sales of the product will gradually increase, which would, in turn, give profit to the seller and the company.

Eligibility criteria for F Assured badge

F assured criteria

According to Flipkart, to get a Flipkart Assured badge, there are six levels of quality checks for products from various categories. The criteria include product specifications, return rate, product packaging, and more. Here are the criteria you need to keep in mind if you wish to win a  Flipkart Assured badge.

Quality check:

Flipkart is very specific about the quality of the product uploaded on its site. A Flipkart Assured badge is given to the products that qualify for the 6-level quality check by the company.

Fast delivery:

In comparison with a normal product, it is important for a Flipkart Assured product to have a fast delivery. Flipkart checks if the seller is delivering the product within the promised time frame.

Easy returns:

All Flipkart Assured products come with an easy return policy. So, before awarding Flipkart Assured badge to any product, the company ensures that the customers can easily return the product if they don't like it.

Product availability:

It is essential for a Flipkart Assured product to be readily available for purchase, and the company ensures that the seller has a complete stock of the product.

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What is Flipkart Assured return policy

Flipkart Assured policy states that customers can easily apply for a return if the product is not satisfactory. Buyers can return the product within the time frame of 10-30 days. There is a choice to either ask for a refund or a replacement, depending on the product's availability and the buyer's preference.

Let us tell you that the specific return time frame may vary according to the product category. The product return period is listed on the product page itself, or you can also find it in the order confirmation email.

Also note that the return policy for the Flipkart Assured program is subject to certain terms and conditions, and there are some products that are not eligible for the return policy.

Flipkart Assured charges

Flipkart Assured is a quality check program that Flipkart launched to benefit its customer and the sellers on the platform. It doesn't just increase sales but also improves the quality of the product that is being sold. With that being said, here are the Flipkart assured charges for both customers and sellers.

For Customers

There is absolutely no additional charge for the customers to purchase a Flipkart Assured product. In addition to this, you can also get free delivery on the Assured products. Although the products that contain an assured badge can be a bit costly if compared to the non-Assured products.

For Sellers

Flipkart does charge the sellers for using the Flipkart Assured program. Although the company does not disclose the exact amount, the reason for charging the fee is clear. It is official that the amount charged covers the cost of quality checks, logistics, delivery services, and customer support. Moreover, these charges are different due to the factors like the type and category of products, the volume of sales, and other factors.

Flipkart Assured Vs Amazon Prime

Flipkart assured vs amazon prime

Both Flipkart Assured and Amazon Prime are quality assurance programs by the e-commerce websites Flipkart and Amazon respectively. Both programs have similar objectives; however, their work structures differ significantly. They are:

Feature PointsFlipkart AssuredAmazon Prime
QualityFlipkart Assured focuses on ensuring that products are genuine and authentic.Meanwhile, Amazon Prime focuses on ensuring that products are high-quality and meet customer expectations.
DeliveryFlipkart Assured provides guaranteed delivery within a specified time frame.Amazon Prime offers free, two-day shipping for eligible items.
Membership feeFlipkart Assured is free for customers. However, to enrol on Flipkart, assured sellers must pay a fee.Amazon Prime requires the customer to pay a membership fee. But it is free for Amazon Prime sellers.


As one of the biggest marketplaces for both sellers and customers, Flipkart requires monitoring of the products they sell. And to keep its authenticity and reputation, the company launched Flipkart Assured badges.

In this article, we presented a detailed description of what is Flipkart Assured program and F Assured are, how to get F Assured badge, how the Assured program works, and what are its benefits and additional charges. The Flipkart Assured program is not only advantageous for sellers but for the customers and the company, as well. This article will be your ultimate guide if you are looking forward to either becoming a seller on Flipkart or wanting to buy an Assured product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I get free delivery on non-Assured products?

Ans1. Flipkart does not offer free delivery on non-Flipkart Assured products. These products are lower in price and do not come with standard Flipkart delivery. Non-Assured products may take longer delivery periods, and Flipkart cannot guarantee them.

Q2. Can I rely on Flipkart Assured program?

Ans2. Yes, Flipkart Assured is an extremely reliable program that guarantees high-quality products and fast delivery.

Q3. What is the time duration for delivering a Flipkart Assured product?

Ans3. Delivery time for a Flipkart Assured product can vary depending on the product and the delivery location. The company gives a specific time frame for every product.

Q4. What is the 15-day replacement policy?

Ans4. If you receive a faulty or wrong product, then according to the 15-day replacement policy, you are eligible to place a replacement request within 15 days of receiving the product.