How To Transfer Ajio Wallet Money To Bank Account

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How to transfer Ajio wallet money to bank account

If you frequently shop on Ajio, then you must have earned Ajio points on your shopping. But are not sure about How to transfer Ajio Wallet money to a bank account? Well, if this is the case, then you've come to the right place. This post is perfect for those who are still seeking a way to transfer money from their Ajio wallet to their bank account. Stay tuned until you don’t find what you are looking for. So let’s get started with the process of transferring Ajio Wallet money to a bank account.

What is Ajio

Ajio is a renowned online shopping platform launched in 2016 and it is a subsidiary company of Reliance Retail which was founded by Mukesh Ambani. From clothes to footwear, accessories, and beauty products, Ajio has everything to offer its users. Using AJio, users can have a seamless shopping experience as it offers both Indian and international brands because everyone has their own different fashion styles. Moreover, Ajio always comes up with amazing deals, promotions, and discounts, which enables users to shop for quality products at pocket-friendly prices.

What is Ajio Money

Ajio Wallet money is a digital payment system that offers you to pay directly from the available balance in your AJio wallet instead of using cash or any other card or payment method. You can earn Ajio money by performing various activities, including sending referral links, signing up, shopping, or when you get your refund amount in your Ajio wallet.

How to transfer Ajio Wallet money to a bank account

Are you looking for a way to transfer your Ajio Wallet money? Well, look at the following points that are mentioned below to get guidance on how to transfer Ajio Wallet money to a bank account.

  • Verify the email address you entered while creating an account on Ajio.
  • Log in to the Ajio app or website using your registered email address and password.
  • Write a message to activate IMPS(Immediate Payment Services) and send it to, Ajio's official customer support team.
  • After sending the email, keep an eye out for a confirmation message from Ajio at your registered email address. This email shows you that your request has been accepted or offers any additional guidance or information regarding the Ajio wallet.
  • Now again, come back to the AJIO app or website.
Ajio app home screen
  • Open the Ajio app or website, and choose "AJIO wallet" from the available options.
Ajio app ajio wallet section
  • Click on the refundable amount in the order section.
Ajio app my order section
  • Go to the order page and select the option to transfer funds to a bank account.
Ajio wallet money to bank transfer
  • Select the transfer option, then enter the IFSC code and bank account number in the form and click the "Submit" button.
Ajio money to bank transfer
  • You will see a new window asking you to enter the OTP (One-Time Password) that you have received on your registered mobile number and email address.
  • Once you enter the OTP and tap on the “Confirm OTP “ button, your transfer request will be completed at the same time.
  • Once the request to transfer the money to your bank account has been made, you will receive a pop of confirmation message on your mobile.
Ajio money redemption successful

Now you are done, within 24 hours, you will receive the money in your bank account.

How to use Ajio Wallet Money

Are you concerned about how to use Ajio wallet money? Well, using Ajio wallet money is a very simple process and also beneficial for you if you want to buy quality products at the best price. To use your Ajio Wallet balance for the payment, just add the desired products to the shopping cart and then click on the checkout. By doing this, part of the cost of your purchases will be deducted directly from your Ajio Wallet balance.

How to use Ajio wallet money for shopping

Log in to the Ajio app or website using your registered email address and password.

  • Add the products to your shopping cart that you wish to buy.
  • Once you have added all the products you want to buy to your cart, continue the checkout process.
  • At the time of checkout, you will have different payment options, choose  Ajio Wallet or Ajio Credits payment option to complete your payment.
  • Verify the payment method and order information to ensure that you will get the right product.

How to get money in Ajio wallet

If you are looking for how to get money in an Ajio wallet, then there are a number of ways to do it.

By sending the referral link:

Ajio allows you to earn money by sending referral links to your dear ones. On every successful referral, you and your friend will get a chance to earn money in Ajio's wallet. Ajio offers a referral program where you can earn credits for your Jio wallet. Here are the steps to earn Ajio money by sending the referral link.

  • Install the Ajio app or go to the Ajio website.
  • Go to the profile or settings section of your account.
  • Look for the invite or referral option, then click it.
  • A special link or referral code will be available. Via email, social media, or messaging, you can simply copy it or send it to your friends.
  • Ask your friends to join Ajio by clicking on your referral link or code.

Both you and your friend will receive Ajio Wallet credits as a reward when they create an account and make their first purchase on Ajio. Usually, you will receive Ajio Wallet credits equal to a specific percentage of the total cost of the first order.

By signing up:

Another way to add money to the Ajio wallet is when you sign up and register your account with your name, Ajio will allow you to earn Ajio points.

By shopping above Rs 1999:

You can also earn Ajio points by shopping at Ajio for above Rs. 1999. When you purchase worth Rs. 1999 or more, you can also collect credits or points in your Ajio Wallet. And these credit points will be the percentage of your total purchases, and they serve you in the form of virtual money.

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Validity of Ajio wallet money

If you have Ajio wallet points, the very first thing that crosses your mind is, what is the validity of Ajio wallet money? Generally, Ajio offers you a 30 days validity policy to use the wallet money. Accordingly, any unused Ajio Wallet cash or points in your account will expire in 30 days from the day they were credited. In order to earn credits, it is essential to keep track of the expiration dates. So to prevent losing any wallet money or points that you have accumulated, it is advised that you should check your Ajio Wallet balance frequently and decide your shopping date according to it.


In this post, we have gone through the process of transferring Ajio wallet money to your bank account and how to use it efficiently for your shopping. And if you still have any doubts or facing any issues, you can directly contact the customer support team for assistance.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can I transfer Ajio's wallet money to my bank account?

Ans. If you want to transfer Ajio wallet money to your bank account, please contact the Ajio customer support team at using the email address that is registered with your account, and they will surely help you with it.

Q2. Does Ajio allow a refund if you cancel the order?

Ans. Yes, you can easily cancel your order from the ‘My Orders' section of the Ajio app or website. If you cancel the order before the product is shipped, Ajio will start the refund process within two business days, and your amount will be credited to your bank account or Ajio Wallet.