Top 7 pop up toaster in India

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Top 7 pop up toaster in India

Whether it's a 'running late to the office' breakfast or just adding some flavors to your first meal, a crispy toast with butter seems like the best option. A pop-up toaster is a must-have kitchen appliance if you are a fan of crunchy toasts. They help you toast bread or defrost an already-made sandwich during your busy mornings without burning your fingers. They are much better than stoves or grillers as many of them have cool-body features and can be used by anyone. But, to search which is the best pop-up toaster in India can be difficult.

Also, electronics can be costly, which indicates that buying a toaster might get out of your budget. Moreover, finding a toaster with all the features like different browning levels, an auto shut-off, and others in an affordable price range can be challenging. So, to make your search much more accessible, we have compiled some best bread toasters in India.

The Research criteria we used: -

During our research, we compiled a list of all the toaster brands and compared different models, keeping the price range between Rs. 1,000-3,000. The finding was based on many factors like safety features, browning settings, number of programs, high lift functions, different indicators, auto settings, and many more.

The products mentioned below have 4-4.5 ratings on online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. In addition, the user review was also considered as they were very helpful while comparing and deciding which is the best pop-up toaster in India. This list includes both a 2-slice and a 4-slice pop-up toaster.

Although you can get pop-up toasters in an even cheaper price range, there can be quality issues with the product. On that note, here are the top 7 Best pop-up Toasters in India you can go for: -

S. No.Product

Bajaj ATX 4 Pop-Up Toaster

2Kent Crisp pop-up Toaster
3Philips 830-Watt Pop-Up Toaster

Borosil Krispy 4 Slice Pop-Up Toaster, 1500W


Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster


Morphy Richards at 402 Pop-Up Toaster


Cello Pop-Up Toaster

1. Bajaj ATX 4 Pop-Up Toaster

Bajaj pop up toaster

Bajaj ATX 4 has two-slice slots with six adjustable bread browning settings to make that toast according to your choice. It has a cool-body feature, making it safe to be in a home with kids. You won't have to be worried about your kids touching a hot surface. This toaster has a reheat function allowing you to heat an already prepared toast again. It carries 750 watts of power, an Operating voltage of 230 volts, and dimensions of 7.3D x 11.4W x 6.5H Centimeters. This is among the best pop-up toaster in India

Tech Details

Item model number‎ATX 4
Wattage‎750 Watts
Product Dimensions‎7.3D x 11.4W x 6.5H Centimeters
Item Weight‎1597 Grams
Number of settings‎6

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2. Kent Crisp Pop-up Toaster

Kent pop up toaster

Kent Crisp pop-up toaster comes with two wide bread slots to add any bread of your choice. It consists of 6 heating modes letting you get the perfect crispiness you desire. Not just that, this toaster also has a reheat, mid-cycle cancel, and a removable crumb tray that collects all the bread crumbs. One of the unique features of this toaster is its Auto Pop-up Function & Auto Shut-Off Function.

Tech Details

Item model number‎Crisp Pop-Up Toaster 16105
Wattage‎750 Watts
Product Dimensions‎14D x 25.5W x 16.5H Centimeters
Item Weight‎730 Grams
Number of settings‎6

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3. Philips 830-Watt Pop-Up Toaster

Philips pop up toaster

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly gift for any occasion, Philips Pop-up Toaster is what you should go for. It has eight bread browning settings, a bun warming rack, and a crumb tray. This toaster contains a smooth high lift and an auto shut-off function to make your work easier. It is only 6.1D x 10.8W x 7.4H Centimeters and 1.18 kg in weight.

Tech Details

Item model numberHD2582/00
Wattage830 Watts
Product Dimensions6.1D x 10.8W x 7.4H Centimeters
Item Weight1180 Grams
Number of settings5

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4. Borosil Krispy 4 Slice Pop-Up Toaster, 1500W

borosil 4 slice pop-up toaster

This toaster consists of 7 temperature control settings, a cancellation option, and dual bread guides for your perfect brown toast. It has a cord winder at the bottom for clean storage and anti-skid feet to make it more stable. This toaster has a defrost, reheat, a removable crumb tray, and a high lift to make the work easier.

Tech Details

Brand‎Borosil Krispy
Item model number‎BTO1500SS22
Wattage1500 Watts
Product Dimensions44 x 21 x 21.5 Centimeters
Item Weight1 kg 860 g
Number of settings‎7

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5. Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster

It is a 2-slice toaster with a power input of AC 220 - 240 V and a Frequency of 50 Hz. This toaster contains a high-lift feature for removing small bread slices. It comes with seven browning settings and a cancellation option if you entered the wrong settings. In addition, it has an anti-slip foot design as well.

Morphy Richards pop up toaster

Tech Details

Brand‎Morphy Richards
Item model numberAT-201
Wattage650 Watts
Product Dimensions16.4 x 29.5 x 18.9 Centimeters
Item Weight‎1 kg 740 g
Number of settings‎7

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6. Morphy Richards at 402 Pop-Up Toaster

morphy richards 4 slice pop-up toaster

It is a 4-slice pop-up toaster with wider slots to fit different sizes of bread. It is very convenient and time-saving as it allows you to toast several slices of bread at a time. This toaster also has Bread centering guide to hold the bread in the same place. It also consists of a Hi-lift, and an Auto pop-up function. You will also find 7 browning settings and a cancel option.

Tech Details

Brand‎Morphy Richards
Item model number‎370060
Wattage1450 Watts
Product Dimensions16.4D x 41.8W x 19H Centimeters
Item Weight‎‎2000 Grams
Number of settings‎7

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7. Cello Pop-Up Toaster

Cello pop up toaster

In the end, we have the pop-up toaster from Cello. If you are a toast lover but want to keep your toaster on budget, you should go for this. It contains an Aluminium-plated upper cover, a crumb tray, stainless steel bread guide, a 'cancel' and red light indicator, and seven browning levels. This toaster also has non-slip feet and cord storage making it more stable.

Tech Details

Item model numberCLO_QUICKPOP_300_RED_2 SLICE
Wattage700 Watts
Product Dimensions15.6D x 30W x 19H Centimeters
Item Weight810 Grams
Number of settings7

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These are some of the best pop-up toaster in India if you are looking to buy one between Rs. 1,000-3,000. Let us know which one you would prefer in the comment section.

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