Top 11 ways to save money on online shopping

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tips to save money on online shopping

Have you ever stopped yourself from buying something online just because of the high product price? It feels worst when you have to leave your desired item just because of its 'not so' pocket-friendly price. But worry no more because this article will help you save money on online shopping. So, consider saving money while taking advantage of online shopping.

Well, if you're a person who is obsessed with online shopping and is looking for some fantastic money-saving tips while shopping, this is the perfect article for you. Here are 11 online shopping tips to save money on online shopping

1. Use Cashback websites

Finding reasonable cashback offers can take a lot of work every time you shop online. However, cashback websites can come in handy during these situations.

One such helpful website can be Hyyzo, which has partnerships with almost all top online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. In addition, Hyyzo provides fantastic cashback offers that will help you save a lot of money when you shop online.

2. Add Extensions to find the best deals

Sometimes it is hard to find the correct discount coupons or deals while shopping; applying the most beneficial coupon can be highly confusing. But here is what you can do to make your shopping easier and money-saving, adding Google extensions to find you the best deals!

There are websites chrome extensions that can compare and find the best deals and offers for you, track the price range of the desired product, and tell you all about upcoming sales. This, in turn, will help you to save money on shopping online.

3. Use multiple coupon codes strategically

Coupon discount offer

Using a discount coupon strategically can be very useful to save money while shopping. For example, if you have two discount coupons of 10% and 20%, using the 20% coupon first would be more beneficial as it would deduct from the actual price. After that, you can apply a 10% coupon which would be an additional save. There are some conditions as well. Although this trick might be handy, not all online stores allow using multiple coupons on a single purchase.

4. Credit card or wallet offers

bank and credit card offer

You can avail of so many discounts using your credit card or the wallet a particular e-commerce player provides. For example, shopping stores like Amazon offer a great deal for customers paying from Amazon wallets. In addition, there are multiple discounts, cashback, and cards for the buyer using the wallet as their payment option. You can also get various deals with a credit card, but only when you have the card from the bank which has collaborated with the store.

5. Compare different sites

If you are a person who likes to research the product before buying, this skill can help you save money as well. You can compare prices of your desired product from different sites. This trick can help you find shopping websites' best prices and deals.

This trick can save a lot of money—all it takes is a bit of research. Ultimately, you'll have the best price for your favorite item.

6. Leave your product in the cart

You can use this small trick to save money while shopping online. Try leaving the product you would love to buy but isn't urgent, in the cart. This will lead to retargeting. You would get e-mails that your product is getting out of stock. The companies use this to create panic. All you have to do is keep waiting. Usually, the companies provide discounts on these items to close the deal quickly. This can be an advantage.

7. Subscribe to Newsletter and E-mail

Subscribing to a company's newsletter and e-mail can always be helpful as it allows you to be the first to know about all the upcoming products and informs you about sales. In addition, if you want to tackle some good deals, these newsletters can play an important role.

With these, you can also keep track of the in-stock product list. You would never have to recheck the website to know if your desired product is in stock.

8. Use Mobile Applications

Many online stores provide heavy discounts for app users. It is always beneficial to use the app over websites as it presents all the deals and discounts in a proper manner. Some companies add special offers to promote their application among customers. Therefore, it is always better to have mobile applications.

9. Wait for the Seasonal or Festive Sales

Festive Sale Offer

If you want to buy an expensive product, say, an iPhone, you know it would get out of your budget on a typical day. But if you plan smartly and wait for the right opportunity, you can get heavy discounts on these expensive products. Sales held during the festival or at the end of the season tend to give great product offers.

Sales like Great Indian Festival by Amazon or Ajio Mania sale by Ajio would have a pocket-friendly price range on most items.

10. Use coupons earned from online transactions

If you use payment apps like Paytm or Phone pe for online transactions, the vouchers and gift cards provided by these payment apps can be handy. For example, Paytm gives discount vouchers for companies like Mama earth, Lenskart, etc. You can easily avail of their coupon through the app and use it for amazing offers.

11. Save yourself from Shipping charges

Buying one item at a time can cost you a lot as it would also contain shipping charges. Therefore, it would be much more advantageous to list things you need to buy and purchase them together. With this, you will save a lot because the shipping charge would be lower as compared to buying a single product at a time.

So, these are some money-saving tips to remember when you shop next time. We have added all the useful tricks to save money while shopping online. It will help you be a wise deal hunter and get the best of all offers.