Portable Mini Washing Machine In India

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Best mini portable washing machine in india

Who doesn't like newly washed clothes? The soft, clean and cool texture of those recently washed clothes with a hint of detergent smell can make anybody's heart cheerful. But let's be honest, large washing machines can be expensive, and if you are a student, they will take up a lot of space and can go out of budget. To solve that issue, we have prepared a list of the 7 best mini portable washing machines in India you can go for.

If you live alone or have a small family and a full-size washing machine is too much for you, a mini portable washing machine is a perfect option. It is pocket-friendly, energy-efficient, easy to use, quick to install, compact and would give you those fresh, clean clothes you love without much effort.

But there are many products available in the market, making it difficult to pick one. So, to make the selection process easy for you, we have picked the best mini portable washing machines. Read the complete article to know about every product in detail.

Our research criteria:

During the research, we compiled a list of various products from different online stores and performed a comparison based on some pre-decided parameters. Some of the basic criteria we used in our research were quality, features, portability, price range, power consumption, capacity and many more.

The products mentioned in the article have 4-4.5 ratings on online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. In addition, we have also taken user review into consideration, as it helped in the comparison and decision-making for the best mini portable washing machines.

7 Best Mini Portable Washing Machines in India: -

S No.Product
1DMR Mini Washing Machine
2EMORE Mini Foldable Washing Machine
3ElectroSky Portable Washing Machine
4DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine 
5Natchcart Mini Foldable Washing Machine 
6Hilton Mini Washing Machine

VENUS Synthetic Portable Washing Machine

1. DMR Mini Washing Machine

DMR Mini Washing Machine

DMR is well-known for its electronic devices, especially this mini washing machine. It is a 11 kg device with a transparent body so that you can keep a watch on the washing and drying process. The spinning capacity of this washing machine is so efficient that it drains out almost 60-70% of the water, making the drying process a lot quicker.

What makes this machine our no. 1 choice is its design, quality and plug & play system. The device has a top-quality blue colour transparent texture that makes it look unique. Moreover, there is no installation process. All you need to do is unbox, plug in and start your work.

Special features:

  • 3Kg Wash Capacity
  • 1.5 Kg Spin Basket Capacity
  • Wash approx 5-6 clothes
  • Spin approx 2-3 clothes
  • No installation required
Model‎DMR 30-1208
Access LocationTop Load
Weight11 kg
Product Dimensions36D x 33W x 53H Centimeters
Included ComponentsWashing Machine, Dryer Basket, Cover Plate for Dry Basket and Manual

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2. EMORE Mini Foldable Washing Machine

Emore Mini Washing Machine

What if we tell you that there is a washing machine that can be folded and hung up on the walls or kept in the cabinet? Would you believe it? Well, that is exactly how EMORE mini foldable washing machine works. It has a semi-automatic cleaning function that cleans your clothes without hindering their quality. The device is highly convenient for people who live in small apartments or travel a lot.

The machine not only cleans all kinds of clothes but also things like jewellery, utensils and edible item like fruits and vegetables. It is one of the best mini portable washing machines in India available at a very reasonable price.

Special features:

  • Foldable Washing Machine
  • Washing Capacity of 2 KG
  • Semi-automatic cleaning function
  • Suitable for washing edibles
ModelEMORE mini foldable washing machine
Access LocationTop Load
Weight800 g
Product Dimensions30.5D x 30.5W x 45.7H Centimeters
Included ComponentsMini Washing Machine

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3. ElectroSky Portable Washing Machine

Electrosky Portable Washing Machine

Washing clothes has become so easy that now, you can turn a simple bucket into a washing machine. Yes, that is true! With the help of ElectroSky, you can convert your bucket and make it a temporary mini-washing machine. This device has an ISI-approved copper coil motor and a shockproof body that prevents short circuits or any other hazards.

Due to its size, this device is easy to carry while travelling and has low to almost no maintenance. Its washing cycle is between 5-10 mins, making the washing process quick. With this energy-efficient device, you no more have to worry about your electricity bills.

Special features:

  • Washing Cycle 5 to 10 Minutes (Approx.)
  • ISI Copper Coil Motor
  • Shockproof Body
  • Compatible with direct bucket washing
  • Easy to carry
Access LocationIt goes inside a bucket
Weight1 kg 900 g
Product Dimensions29 x 22 x 22 Centimeters
Included ComponentsPortable washing machine

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4. DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine

DMR Single Tub Washing Machine

This is one of the first and most preferred portable washing machines that came into the Indian market. Just like every product by DMR, this mini washing machine stands true to its quality. The device is made up of hard polycarbonate, which makes it very durable. It has a translucent lid so that you can keep an eye on your clothes during the washing process.

Moreover, its plug & play feature, compact size, ‎semi-automatic features and high-end performance make it absolutely perfect for students, bachelors and small families.

Special features:

  • Washing Capacity 4.6 Kg
  • Spin Capacity 2.0 Kg
  • ‎Semi Automatic features
  • Energy efficient.
  • Easy to Use
  • Wash and Spin Power - 240 W
Price ₹5,999
ModelDMR 46-1218 Blue
Access LocationTop Load
Weight9 kg
Product Dimensions37D x 38W x 64H Centimeters
Included ComponentsWashing Machine, Dryer Basket, Cover Plate for Dry Basket and Manual

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5. Natchcart Mini Foldable Washing Machine 

Natchcart mini foldable washing machine

Natchcart foldable washing machine is an extremely portable and versatile device if you are a traveller and love camping. It does not take up much space, and you can easily fold & keep it aside when the work is done. This makes the device very useful for students who live in either hostels or small dorms. It is lightweight and does not have much power consumption, so no more worrying about the electricity bill.

But what makes it special is its high-frequency vibration, ultrasonic disinfection functions and semi-automatic cleaning feature that makes your clothes super clean and germ-free.

Special features:

  • Washing Capacity of 20 Liter, 2 Kg Clothing.
  • Extremely portable and versatile
  • Compact size
  • High-frequency vibration
  • Ultrasonic disinfection functions
  • ‎Semi Automatic features
ModelUtilities-4017 Mini Washing Machines
Access LocationTop load
Weight2 kg
Product Dimensions39 x 24 x 39 Centimeters
Included ComponentsMini Washing Machine

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6. Hilton Mini Washing Machine

Hilton Mini Washing Machine

This is a single-tub mini washing machine perfect for people who are on a budget. The Hilton washing machine is a top-loaded, semi-automatic device that helps you wash your clothes properly. It has a 3 kg washing capacity with a 1 kg of dryer capacity. The device is made up of a rust-free body and can wash 5-6 adult clothing and 8-10 baby clothing, making it suitable for small families.

The dryer basket is extremely lightweight hence, making it easy to carry around. With a spin power of 190w, it has a one-wash program that saves a lot of time and energy.

Special features:

  • Semi-automatic
  • Top-loading
  • Rust-free body
  • 1 kg dryer capacity
Model5 kg
Access LocationTop load
Weight5 kg
Product Dimensions15.6D x 15.7W x 21.3H Centimeters
Included Components‎Washing Machine, Spin Basket, Plate for Spin Basket, Inlet Pipe, Warranty Card and User Manual

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7. VENUS Synthetic Portable Washing Machine

Venus Synthetic Portable Washing Machine

The synthetic portable washing machine by VENUS is a useful product that can turn your bucket into a washing machine. Venus synthetic portable washing machine is one of the best mini portable machines you can use. It is perfect for someone who travels a lot and needs to wash day-to-day clothes. Moreover, its shockproof body prevents any hazards.It requires low to absolutely no maintenance. The device is designed to be lightweight, versatile, and low power-consuming for the best results.

Special features:

  • Washing Cycle 5 to 10 Minutes (Approx.)
  • Shockproof Body
  • Semi-automatic
  • Compatible with direct bucket washing
  • Easy to carry
Price ₹2,425

VENUS Synthetic Portable Washing Machine

Access Location It goes inside a bucket
Weight15 x 16.6 x 42 Centimeters
Product Dimensions2 kg 100 g
Included ComponentsPortable washing machine

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Benefits of buying a Mini Portable Washing Machine:

There are numerous benefits of a mini portable washing machine. Some of them are as follows: -

Money Saving:

A mini portable washing machine saves a lot of detergent, electricity, and water. So you don't have to worry about over-flowing bills. It is a perfect product if you live alone. Now, you do not have to run to the laundry shops after collecting a pile of dirty clothes. You can just wash clothes as per your requirement.

Save Space:

One of the most amazing benefits of portable washing machines is that these washing machines are compact and can fit into small spaces. Some of them are foldable and can be kept in a cabinet. This saves a lot of space and is very useful if you have a small house or you live in a dorm as a student.

Perfect for sensitive clothes:

These mini portable washing machines do not have an extremely powerful spinner like the large washing machines. So the clothes are not rotated like that in the regular machine. The washing process is very gentle and does not harm clothes; this adds to the benefits of a portable washing machine.

Extremely portable:

One of the advantages of a Mini portable washing machine is that it is best for outdoor activities with family. They are easy to carry and can be used anywhere. So, you can go camping with your family without taking a lot of clothes.

Things to consider while buying a mini portable washing machine: -

Mini portable washing machines come in different sizes and features. We have compiled a list of things required to select the best mini portable washing machine, So here are a few points to keep in mind before buying your device to get the best results.

Load Capacity:

Before you purchase a mini portable washing machine, always check if the device has enough loading capacity according to your needs. There are some washing machines that only have the capacity to wash 2-3 adult clothes

Wash programs:

Most mini portable washing machines are usually top-load and semi-automatic with 2-3 wash programs. Always check the wash programs and features you need the most on the device.


If you are a traveller, you need a machine that can be extremely portable for you to carry anywhere. Check the portability of the washing machine and choose the one that fits perfectly with your needs.


A mini washing machine should be energy-efficient, time-saving, compact, and should make your work easy. Try to experiment with the efficiency of the machine before deciding to keep it.


If you want a mini washing machine for your home, try buying one with a dryer tube. This would make the drying process easy and hustle-free.


These are the 7 best mini portable washing machines you can go for if you are on a budget. We have included every detail that you might require while purchasing a mini portable washing machine. Factors like portability, capacity, energy consumption, design, and automatic/ semi-automatic system should be kept in mind to find the product that gives the best result.

We have also put together users review, portable washing machine advantages, and links to the online stores to help you further. Tell us in the comment which Mini portable washing machine you would prefer the most.

You can easily buy these products on online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. Also, if you are looking for additional offers, we have the place for you! Hyyzo is a cashback website that provides beneficial cashback offers and deals that make your online shopping pocket-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much water does a mini-washing machine consume?

Ans1. On average, a mini washing machine consumes almost 10-15 litres of water, but it still depends on the number of clothes.

Q2. Is the mini portable washing machine good for large families?

Ans2. We do not recommend a mini washing machine for large families. It does not have much capacity to get the washing done. It is preferable for either a single person or a small family.

Q3. What is the usual wash time of a mini washing machine?

Ans3. A mini portable washing machine's usual wash time is approximately 10-15 mins. But this really depends on the quality of the product and its usability.

Q4. Which are the top portable washing machine for buckets?

Ans4. These are the products we recommend if you are looking for something that can turn your bucket into a washing machine

  • ElectroSky Portable Washing Machine
  • VENUS Synthetic Portable Washing Machine

Q5. Is it okay to keep the foldable washing machine hung on a wall?

Ans5. Yes, it is okay to hang the foldable washing machine, but we do recommend either keeping it in a drawer or leaning it on the wall to ensure the safety of the device.