How To Use Cred Coins

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How to use cred coins

What are Cred coins?

The concept of loyalty and reward points has evolved over the years. One such innovative loyalty program is Cred Coins, offered by Cred. Cred is a fintech company that lets you easily manage your payments and earn rewards at the same time. Cred Coins are more than an interesting addition to the app, they are a gateway to unlocking the various perks and benefits for the users.

You can learn how to use cred coins, how to redeem cred coins, and how to burn cred coins through this article. Understanding the features offered by the Cred app is key to making the most of the innovative loyalty program.

How to use Cred coins

As a user, you can earn Cred Coins based on the amount you are paying, the bank you are paying from, and the rewards offered for that transaction. Cred has a wide array of offers with its partner brands, which let you use your Cred Coins. The ‘Rewards’ section on the Cred app allows users to pick the reward they like, it could be a shopping voucher, discounts on restaurants, bill payments, cashback, and much more. Using Cred coins is a simple process, check out step:

How to use Cred coins

  • You can use cred coins by navigating to the ‘Rewards’ section on the Cred App.
How to use Cred Coins
  • Choose the reward that you would like most and have sufficient coins for.
Use Cred Coins
  • Claim the reward.

Ways to use cred coins:

  • Shopping:

Cred coin can be used to shop for anything and everything. From cashback on utility payments to major discounts on food items, Cred has a deal for everyone. Whether you are into skincare, travel, or just prefer to get cashback on your regular bills, Cred has got your back.

  • Payments:

Cred Pay is a new feature meant to link UPI with your Cred account. Using this feature you are able to make instant payments in stores using your Cred Coins.

How to redeem Cred coins

How to redeem to cred coins

The Cred Coins value is significant and users can redeem these to gain access to various rewards and benefits. One Cred Coin is equal to one Rupee, for example, if you pay a bill of Rs. 5,000 through the Cred app you get 5,000 Cred Coins. These coins can be used to redeem offers, discounts, gift cards, and vouchers on the Cred app itself.

You can also collect your  Cred coins for a long period of time to redeem them for a grand prize which can be a variety of exciting prizes and valuable rewards. The redemption process is seamless, offering you the opportunity to enjoy huge benefits as a result of responsible financial habits.

Follow these steps to know how to redeem Cred coins:

  • Open the Cred app and log into your account.
  • Navigate to the “Cred Rewards” section. You can explore the available rewards and offers.
  • Select the rewards or the offer that appeals to you the most.
  • Once you’ve chosen a reward that suits you best click the “Redeem” button.
  • Follow the instructions to claim it.

How to burn Cred coins

Burning Cred Coins on the app is a simple process that lets you redeem the collected Cred Coins. If you have a large amount of Cred coins available and they seem to be expiring soon, burning will let you redeem them all in just one go. To ensure a smooth process, you must have sufficient Cred Coins in your account, which can be earned by paying your credit card bills on time through the app.

Once you have enough Cred coins in your account, follow these steps to burn Cred coins:

  • Open the app and log into your account.
  • Click on ‘Club’ in the panel at the bottom.
  • Navigate to the ‘Rewards’ section and scroll down to the ‘Cashback Rewards’ section
  • Click on the cashback best suited for you and pull down on the circle that appears.
  • You have burned your Cred Coins.

How to convert Cred coins to cash

Cred Coins are a valuable digital currency in the Cred app that cannot be directly converted to cash. However, the discounts and cashback you receive from using Cred Coins can be seen as a form of converting them indirectly to cash.

Some ways you can use it as cash indirectly:

  • You can use the Cred Coins as cash after burning them since they will be credited to the credit card.
  • Every time you pay a bill, an equal amount of Cred Coins will be added to your account, which can be used to redeem any deals or offers
  • You can continue making payments through the app and collecting the Cred Coins to get a larger sum to spend by burning the Coins.

You are essentially saving money on all your transactions by using Cred Coins to avail discounts or cashback.  

Benefits of Cred coins

Cred has incentivized users to manage their credit card payments responsibly, and Cred Coins are a fantastic way to enjoy various perks while doing so. The company has also provided a platform filled with benefits including the ability to redeem, burn, or use coins for exciting prizes, offers, and discounts on a wide range of products, travel deals, and experiences.

Offers on the Cred app using Cred coins:

  • Exclusive offers: Unlock special offers and discounts from various partner brands. The offers can range from discounts on online shopping to cashback on services.
  • Cred Lottery: Cred hosts a unique lottery system where you can use your Cred Coins to purchase tickets. You get a chance to win exciting prizes such as smartphones, gift vouchers, and more.
  • Cred Communities: It is a platform within the app that allows users to connect with other Cred users based on their credit card preferences. You can join premium communities using Cred Coins.
  • Cred Pay: This is another feature where Cred Coins can be used to pay your credit card bills. This makes it a convenient and rewarding experience for its users.

Cred coins validity

To make the most of your loyalty rewards, it is essential you know how to use Cred Coins. Along with that, their validity is an important part. Cred Coins are typically valid for a year from the date of their claim, although you need to check on the validity periodically through the in-app chat support. It is advisable to use, redeem, or burn them to make the most of the facilities provided by Cred.


Cred has revolutionized the way everyone manages their credit card payments and expenses.  It offers digital tokens called Cred Coins as a reward for making your bill payments on time and through the Cred app. Not only is this method convenient, but it also offers a wide range of benefits such as exclusive discounts and lotteries. Once you learn how to use Cred Coins, you will be able to multiply the benefits provided by the app. Remember to use the Cred app next time you pay your credit card bills.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can I convert Cred coins to cash?

You cannot get direct cash in exchange for Cred coins, but you can redeem them for various rewards and benefits using the Cred app.

Q2. What is the Cred coin value in Rupees?

The Cred Coin is said to be One Cred coin = 1₹. That means that if you pay a bill worth Rs. 5,000 you get 5,000 Cred coins.

Q3. Which banks and cards are supported by Cred?

Banks supported by Cred are PNB, RBL, Axis, SBI, ICICI, HDFC, HSBC, Citibank, Standard Chartered, American Express, and other top Indian banks. Cards supported by Cred include Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, and American Express.

Q4. How to get free Cred coins?

Once you know how to use Cred coins, no amount of coins will be enough. You can get free coins using the ‘Coin Generator’ on the Cred homepage. The generator gets refilled every 6 hours, and so you can play again the same day to avail more coins.